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Annual DIYRA dues are based upon the current number of members in your club according to the following schedule:

  • 1 to 50 members          $25.00
  • 51 to 150 members      $75.00
  • 151 and up                 $100.00
  • Individual memberships are $5.00
If your club participates in the US SAILING Championship ladder events sponsored by DIYRA and US SAILING Area D, your dues also include a ladder events fee. When the total Area D ladder fee is known, it will be divided equally among the participating Clubs. 

If your club is a member of a regional sailing association such as DIYRA,

  • your club SAVES $100.00 on its US Sailing dues!

If you plan to compete in the DIYRA Championship your club MUST be a DIYRA member.

Want to join and pay your dues and become an "Active" member of DIYRA? Just want to send money to a Good Cause?

Make checks payable to...

  • DIYRA, or
  • Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association

Mailing Address for DIYRA Treasurer....

  • (contact