Greetings! I'm Paul Leonard, the DIYRA WebMaster, and right now the point of contact for DIYRA business matters.

DIYRA is currently dormant - not an active operation.

The reasons are many and varied, but the operational upshot is this:

  • There are no dues being collected, meetings being planned or held, or any other activities at this time - including US Sailing Ladder Events.
  • All member clubs of the RSA ARE still considered "in good standing".
  • The Appeals Committee IS available, so the standard US Sailing process is fully supported. It turns out that I am also the Chair of the DIYRA Appeals Committee.
  • Although DIYRA is not running Ladder Events in turn, operational support for those is being worked out with other member RSAs for Area D, so this status should not impact that chain of Events.
  • US Sailing is in the loop accordingly.

For more information, contact me


DIYRA is one of the four Regional Sailing Associations (RSAs) in US Sailing's Area D.

DIYRA is established to provide

  • Contacts for other sailing organizations in the region
  • Notification to the regional Clubs of your racing and regatta events
  • Notification of other Club’s races and regattas
  • Educational seminars hosted or subsidized by DIYRA
  • Access to national “ladder” events for Junior and Adult Championships
  • Your voice to US Sailing policy

Well, at least, that's the Vision... but here's "the kicker": we can't do it if YOU don't help.


Want to know more? Contact an officer of the Executive Committee and we'll be freaking THRILLED to work with you!

The Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association (DIYRA) was organized to promote the sport of sailing on southeastern inland lakes through sailboat racing, educational activities, and providing a member forum. DIYRA was founded in 1961 by members of the Atlanta Yacht Club (AYC), Lake Lanier Sailing Club (LLSC) and University Yacht Club (UYC) to accommodate the substantial growth and differing requirements of "organized" sailing within the geographical area of US southeastern inland lakes..

The association has grown from the original three clubs to typically over twenty member sailing organizations. Membership in the association is provided through club membership and individual membership, which accommodates all classifications of area sailors.


DIYRA is a member of the United States Sailing Association (US SAILING). US Sailing is the United States "Member National Authority" for sailing within the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

DIYRA is located within US SAILING'S Area D, which includes three other regional sailing associations (or "RSAs"):

One of the most important functions of Area D is conducting the Semi-Final Championship Events as part of the US SAILING Adult and Junior Championships. Area D is organized per a "Memorandum of Agreement" that includes information on the duties of the Director, voting and Conditions for US SAILING Championships at the Area D level.

Each year, US Sailing awards champions in the following categories:

  • Sears - Triple Handed - Juniors ages 13-18 - male and female
  • Bemis- Double Handed - Juniors ages 13-18 - male and female
  • Smythe - Single Handed - Juniors ages 13-18 - male and female
  • Adams - Triple Handed - Women over 18
  • Mallory - Triple Handed - Men and Women over 18, Male at the helm
  • O'Day - Single Handed- Men and Women - over 16
  • Prince of Wales - Match Racing - Men and Women

The "ladder" for members of DIYRA to qualify for any of these categories is:

  1. Club Representative - each club that has paid the ladder event fee determines its entrant in the DIYRA Quarterfinals
  2. Quarter Finals (DIYRA/FSA/GYC/SAYRA Championship)
  3. Semi Finals - Champions (representative) from Area D Regional Sailing Association.
  4. Finals - US Sailing Final Championships - representatives (champions) from Areas A thru K.

Participants must be members of US Sailing. Additional membership requirements vary with rung on the ladder and category.


The Racing Rules of Sailing ("RRS") lays out an "appeals" process, which is the way racing sailors can seek to have possible errors by a Protest Committee ("PC") reviewed. If an error is found during the process, the PC decision may be modified as a result. DIYRA provides an Appeals Committee made up of qualified individuals

Basically, if you are in a Protest situation, and have reason to believe that the PC committed an error interpreting the RRS, the Appeals process is for you. The details of what can and cannot be appealed, and how the process works is detailed on the International Sailing Federation in RRS Appendix R and also RRS 70 and 71.

We're here to help you with the process and so forth if you are going down that road.