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HOW TO USE: Tips & pointers are below the calendar, on this page.

Tips & Pointers...

    • You can change the view to a list by using the "Agenda" tab. Click on it and you'll get a list of dates that have event entries and the individual entries.
    • Try clicking on the event, then click on "More details" in the popup bubble, you will get the event description, when and where.
    • If there is a "URL" in the description, it will be a link, which may go to the "Event News" page on this site, or may link to an event page off-site (or, actually, could go just about anywhere)..
    • The where link will also have a "map" link so you can see the actual location, or get driving directions....
    • Sometimes the "map" link isn't a very good guess, so if you get less-than-great results, hop over to our "Member Club Map" page, where the pushpin links are more reliable.
    • Use the left-and-right widgets to move back and forth in time for data shown, and the widget that shows "Month/Year" can be used for direct navigation with a mini-disk-calendar thingy.
    • Use the Week/Month/Agenda items to change the way the main calendar data is presented - the default is initially "Month",
    • Use the pull-down arrow at the far right to filter which Clubs' events you are shown. Only clubs that have listed events are shown for choices.