From the Treasurer: 2013 Dues Notice

Post date: Feb 2, 2013 12:09:32 AM



Annual DIYRA dues are due by 3/01 based upon the current number of members in your club according to the following schedule:

1 to 50 members $25.00

51 to 150 members $75.00

151 and up $100.00

Individual memberships are $5.00

If your club participates in the US SAILING Championship ladder events sponsored by DIYRA and US SAILING Area D, your dues also include a ladder events fee. When the total Area D ladder fee is known, it will be divided equally among the participating Clubs. The Ladder Fee should be known by mid spring after dues are paid, so let me know if your club wants to participate. If a refund is due it will be sent in August after all participants are known.

If your club is a member of a regional sailing association such as DIYRA, your club saves $100.00 on its US SAILING dues!

If you plan to compete in the DIYRA Championship your club must be a DIYRA member. See the DIYRA website for the NOR.

Make check payable to DIYRA

Mail check to: DIYRA Treasurer c/o Rusty Clanton P.O. Box 17731

Nashville, TN 37217 -0731


·Your list of contacts for other sailing organizations in the region

·Your notification to the regional clubs of your racing and regatta events

·Your notification of other club's races, regattas, and education

·Annual educational seminars hosted by DIYRA

·Your access to national "ladder" events for juniors and adults

·Your voice to US SAILING policy

·Membership in DIYRA reduces US SAILING Club dues

·DIYRA is part of the US SAILING appeals process

Your DIYRA Board needs your help with hosting our share of ladder events, seminars, and assisting other member clubs with starting programs such as junior sailing and Wednesday night racing formats. Please, get involved by appointing someone or a group of your members to share your knowledge. Maybe you know someone, who can serve on our board or at least represent your club at the next annual meeting. We could use some help.

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