Update on Captain's License Class at Concord YC

Post date: Nov 9, 2012 8:02:51 PM

[This just in from Sandra FJ]

...I am attaching the February 2013 Schedule

the OUPV 9 Day Class Outline, and 2011 OUPV Pre-Course Handbook.

Pricing they get directly from TrueCourse. I do know the OUPV Class is $795.00 and includes testing, physical, drug test, etc. If a spouse or "crew" registers with the primary the cost is $495.00. Other than that I don't have pricing and they did not send me a pricing schedule.

I know that Captain Ron Getter is interested in educating boaters so he is willing to work out a payment plan if money is tight.

Thanks for all you're doing to promote this class. I have a feeling we will host this class year after year.